Beginners guide to rock climbing


Rock climbing is a sport where a person climbs either up, down or across rocks whether natural or artificial. The aim is to reach the top of a formation which is usually a defined route without one falling. The sport is usually physically and mentally demanding, testing one’s strength, balance, agility, endurance and mental control. It also one that allows a participant to work out their body and thus keep fit. If you are interested in rock climbing maybe at reel rock movie, what does one need to know? Below is a guide for beginners.

Rock climbing

Get the proper gear

It is essential that one gets the proper gear as they plan to begin rock climbing.dskjsjkskjsskjskjskj The first item that one needs to get are rock climbing shoes, try on many to feel the one that works best for you. Choose softer climbing shoes that are comfortable to wear. Secondly, one needs have a rock climbing harness, it is the item that is strapped and worn around the waist and legs. One gets to sit in as they climb up the rock and come down. The locking carabiners this are used as connection points when one is holding the ropes with somebody as they climb. We have the belay device which is used when one is climbing. One also needs to have a chalk bag, chalk, climbing brush and a helmet.

Get training

It is essential for one to learn the techniques of rock climbing. This is because the skill is what one needs as they climb up the rocks. As a climber one needs to know how to tie the rope with the correct knot and secure the harness on their waist well. They also need to know how to do the safety checks before they start the climb. Secondly for those who need to set up as a belayer, this is the person who holds the climber’s rope as one goes up so that if they fall they do not fall back down to the ground. One needs to be belay-certified before doing this by themselves.

Know the basics

shjdjhdhjshjshjshjKeep your arms straight as you climb, this is because climbing becomes more efficient when the arms are straight. Try also to keep your legs bent, this makes it easier to push oneself up with their lower body. One also needs to plan their climb. Identify the footholds on the rock or climbing wall before beginning the climb.