Essential Yoga Poses Everyone Should Practice

Yoga is physical, relates to the soul and human spirit. It is also mental. It is a meditative way of contemplating, reflecting and means of enhancing cognition to discover insight and achieving inner peace. Yoga helps control the mind and your body. Practicing yoga has lots of important benefits including; stress relief, attaining inner peace and body flexibility. It improves intuitive ability, weight loss, body fitness and an essential advantages.

It isn’t always easy to get to that yoga class. You may also prefer practicing from the comfort of your home. Below are essential yoga poses everyone should practice;

1) Downward dog pose

56hjurgExercises shoulders, arms, and legs.It helps reduce pain in your back. It stretches out the back, arms, and legs. This pose reverses blood flow by resisting the downward gravitational pull. How to do the pose; Begin with your hands and knees, place your shoulders directly above your wrists, and your knees below your hips. Lift your hips outwards while ensuring that your palms and feet touch the floor. Don’t bend your back, Ensure that it’s flat. Your head should be in your hands. Spread your fingers and Ensure you can look down at your feet from this position. Stretch the back of your legs to your body permit.

2)Standing forward fold

It helps relief back and legs pain derived from sitting for long hours. It stretches inner legs and the back. How to do the pose; Start by standing upright with your feet together. Drop your shoulders, and slowly bend your knees slightly. Hinge forward and fold your torso over your legs. Place your arms on the ground in front. Your fingertips should easily touch the ground. Try and bend one knee outwards at a time to lengthen your spine. Slowly raise your torso, ensuring that the head and neck come up last.

3)Seated forward fold

This is an essential yoga pose everyone should practice. It aids in digestion, taking it after a meal is a wise move. It reliefs back, outer leg and hip pain. How to do the pose; seat upright with your legs in front of you. Move your arms down the legs towards your toe tips. Hold this pose for a few breaths.

4) Corpse pose popularly known as (SAVASANA)

erthyjhtThis is an essential yoga pose. It’s often used to start or finish practice. It allows your body, mind, and spirit to be at ease and fully relaxed. It’s a resting position that takes the body to where you can completely let it go. It’s easy to pose but very hard to learn and maintain. Since the ability to lie down flat and still like a corpse and become unattached from the surroundings while fully aware takes time and much How to do the pose: Lie flat on your back. Extend your arms and legs. Your legs should be slightly spread from each other. Your palms and fingers should naturally face up.

Close your eyes, be still and breathe normally. Let go of all your thoughts and muscle movements. Clench your fists and raise your legs slightly off the floor. To do this, you must tighten your buttocks. This essential yoga practices help the body in various ways and should be practiced much often.

Remember you need a soft flat surface for your yoga practice. A yoga mat, a dimly light room free from any distractions, comfortable clothes and have nor shoes neither socks on.